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  • $1.8M Raised
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Lexzoom is the first Decentralized Real Estate Investment Platform. It is the future of Real Estate Investment where Investors can quickly and securely buy and sell properties with ease leveraging on the immutability and transparency of the Blockchain Technology.
Our mission is to make real estate market transparent and open to all investors thereby facilitating investment in emerging real estate market around the world and offering huge dividends to investors.

Lexzoom Trust Fund

Unlike the Traditional Real Estate Investment trust, Lexzoom Tust Fund bridges the gap between lack of funds and property development or acquisition and solves the problem of high capital requirement and brokerage.

Lexzoom Investment Trust (LIT)

This is an investment and management system that manages all LXM token investment, tracks the entire invested fund, and connects investors to available investment contracts.

Lexzoom Asset Research (LAR)

LAR researches on strategic real estate investment opportunities in emerging market, backed with a team of experience market analyst that have shown considerable track record to deliver both short and long term return on investment to all token holders.

Lexzoom Exchange

Lexzoom Exchange is a secured and robust exchange platform that facilitates trading of LEXZOOM token (LXM) with top traded cryptocurrencies, fiat currency and global currencies.

What is Lexzoom used for?

LXM token is meant to be invested in available Real Estate Investment on the Lexzoom Platform. LXM is a globally adopted token, holders can trade with it within the Lexzoom eco-system to transact with brokers and renters across the globe. LXM can be held and transferred on appreciation or at will in relation to similar ETH Tokens or cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, if LXM token holders want to sell their assets, they can sell the LXM tokens on our upcoming Lexzoom Exchange (LXMex) or other public exchanges.


Smart Contract

Lexzoom tokenization of real estate assets using blockchain smart contract provides the real estate investors access to beat stiff government regulations in accessing the low hanging fruits in the lexzoom REIT

Global Access

The Lexzoom platform provide global access to investors in the real estate market through the management of location restriction with bank requirement to attracts client investment through our robust system irrespective of their geographical location.

Expert Advisory

Lexzoom through its Asset Research solution approves for Asset tokenization Investments opportunities through informed market analysis. This will empower new entrants into real estate investment opportunities to make informed investment decision.

Secured Client Data Transaction

Lexzoom is built on blockchain technology which offers an easy, secured, fast and transparent way of investing in real estate assets. This platform verifies transactions with minimal third party involvement and robust client data management infrastructure.

Manage Complex Transaction

Lexzoom bypasses several third party involvements, thereby increasing transaction processes from all forms of traditional procedure, regulations and restrictions.

Documentation and proof of Asset

The digitized real estate investment trust leverages on blockchain technology to simplify the documentation of trusted information, making it easier for transaction history to be captured in a secured mutual ledger.


Here at Lexzoom, we’re convinced that blockchain technology with smart contracts is the core engine for the long-term real estate investment industry. Smart contracts will be written in Ethereum Solidity to drive accounting / ERC-20 token movement.



LXM is designed as a unified real estate value token that can be instantly exchangeable for other forms of value


LXM's tokenization system makes the transfer and ownership of blockchain tokens verifiable

Cost and Speed of exchange

LXM bridges the gap in real estate investment funding and property development

Value appreciation

Irrespective of crypto-market volatility, LXM value appreciation remains steadily bullish


LXM is a form of corporate bond issued to investors as a proof of stake (POS) and is designed as a digital trust fund


Our platform is structured to deal with security breaches in corporate transactions

Token Sale

  • What is 
    Lexzoom Token

    Lexzoom Token is our proprietary cryptocurrency designed to facilitate a standardized global approach to the long-term rental process, with all transactions kept in a secure manner.

  • Symbol


  • Soft cap

    3 million USD

  • Hard Cap

    20 million USD

  • Max potential

    2 billion Token

  • Circulating Supply

    500 million Token

  • Minimum 


    50 USD

  • Token Price

    0.20 USD

  • Technical Specifications


  • Public Wallets

    Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum

  • Decimal


  • Starts

    VIP Sales:

    September 1, 2018

    Public Sales:
    October 1, 2018

  • Ends

    VIP Sales:

    August 31, 2018

    Public Sales:
    September 31, 2018

  • Restricted Areas

    United States of America and The People's Republic of China

 Distribution &
Use of Funds

    • 65% Token Distribution
    • 20% Company Reserve
    • 13% VIP Investors
    • 2% Bounty
    • 70% Direct Investment
    • 15% Product and Tech & Dev
    • 10% Marketing
    • 5% Regulatory Compliance


Built with blockchain technology at heart, Lexzoom makes us rethink the way the real estate industry should be organized. Smart contracts support full automation of bureaucratic procedures and establish the new standards to benefit all. Be among the first to learn the details and don’t miss your chance to participate.

Our properties


  • 2017
  • Q4 2017

    Founders agreement of lexzoom preparation and signing by investors and key partners.

  • 2018
  • Q1 2018

    Validation Report, Concept Development, Web application development, Blockchain implementation on ERC 20 and system design framework.

  • Q2 2018

    Launch of Lexzoom website, Private ICO sales

  • Q2 - Q3 2018

    Pre-ICO & Public-ICO
    This segment of our ico sales is designed to meet with the financial strength of all our investors and offers an attractive dividend return on investment with a 25% bonus of LXM token on investment.

  • Q4 2018

    Project Implementation

    1. Tokenization on Lexzoom Investment Trust of Commercial/Multi-tenanted apartment in Thailand and Singapore. This is our first investment project, which will be incubated and targeted to achieve low risk, profit increase and ensure initial dividend return.
    2. Completion of property renovation and leasing of the acquired apartment in both Thailand and singapore.

  • 2019
  • Q1 2019

    Project Implementation

    1. 1st Quarter dividend distribution of 4-6% will be paid out to all investors from LIT.
    2. Tokenization and Acquisition of 1st asset in Istanbul, Turkey , a Light Industrial Building and a luxury hotel in Singapore.

  • Q2 2019

    Implementation of the LEXZOOM exchange LXMex for easy transaction, token storage, trading and value exchange of the token in the industry.

VIP Sales

Lexzoom offers VIP investors KYC verification and white listing. A Minimum investment of 1 ETH with a special bonus of 40% at a price of 0.2$/token. Enjoy a secured 5 years investment duration with guaranteed yield of 2.5% monthly,4.6% quarterly and 16-22% annual dividend returns on capital by Lexzoom Investment Trust.

Buy VIP Tokens!

Meet the visionaries working behind the scenes of Lexzoom platform.

12 Dedicated People
90 Years of combined experience
16 Years of combined blockchain experience

Prior to our token sale, we have already raised $1.8 million in seed funding from a founders club and are proud that so many prominent figures from the real estate, legal and finance sectors share our vision of the future of the real estate industry.

Funds Raised
  • London
  • Singarpore
  • Dubai
  • Turkey

Our team has the most amazing advisers in the real estate, legal and finance industries. And we’re so excited to say that most of them have actually invested in Lexzoom themselves.


Over the past several years we have established long-lasting 
partnerships with the leading companies in the blockchain, 
real estate, legal, and tech space to make our product 
offering even more appealing.

CoinDesk is the global leader in blockchain news
Deloitte & Touche is an Audit, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Management & Tax services.
Multiple award winning Mobile App Design and Development Company.
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